HG Rapid Stainless-Steel Cleaner 300ml


  • The weight is 333g.
  • Powerful professional cleaner that removes grease
  • Dirt and fingerprints from stainless steel
  • Chrome and aluminium.
  • Provides an invisible protective layer

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HG Rapid Stainless-Steel Cleaner 300ml

HG Rapid Stainless-Steel Cleaner 300ml is a powerful professional cleaner that removes grease, dirt and fingerprints from stainless steel, chrome and aluminium quickly,

easily and without streaks. The weight is 333g.


This product is ideal for hobs, splash backs, cooker hoods, fridges, microwaves, etc.

HG rapid stainless-steel cleaner also provides an invisible protective layer, which makes it even easier to remove future dirt.


How to use

  • Caution : Hot surfaces such as hobs and splash backs she be left to cool before cleaning.
  • Do not use HG Rapid Stainless-Steel Cleaner on surfaces that come in direct contact with food products.
  • Shake well before use
  • Spray an even mist from a distance of approx. 20cm onto the surface or apply HG rapid stainless-steel cleaner by spraying it onto a soft clean cloth.
  • Clean the surface and polish it with a soft clean cloth or tissue.


Store in a dry place to prevent rust formation on the can.


CAUTION : Extremely flammable liquid and vapor which may cause flash fire.

 Cleaning / Polishing

Additional information

Weight333 g

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