Lemongrass Insect Repellent Spray


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Lemongrass Insect Repellent Spray | 500 ml

Lemongrass Insect Repellent Spray

  • Air Freshener leave a long-lasting aromatic fragrance
  • Effectively repels flies, cockroaches, rats, ants, termites and other insects. Anti Files, Insect,
  • Get rid of odour
  • Clean stubborn stain, clear oily stain and sticky stain
  • Natural lemongrass concentrate
  • Safe to use  non toxic anti-bacterial
  • Multi-purpose cleaner

Directions for use :

Clean the dinning table, kitchen, furniture, mirror, car dashboard, floor, washroom, sink, toilet and drain.


  1. Store in safe places
    • Keep away from children
  2. Close tightly
  3. Do not drink
  4. Do not spray on the face
  5. Wear gloves for long hour work

 Pest Control

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