2 Pc Pack | Large Big Mouse Glue Trap Rat Catcher Adhesive Sticky Glue Pad | 30CM X 21CM




A Lifesaver in Your home
– Let you Save money, time, and your sanity in the home and garden, and let adults and children as well as pets away from mice, roaches, spiders, crickets, Bugs, fleas, and other harmful insects or animals, to create a more warm and safe family environmental.

Safe and Easy to Use
– Made of material, safe and non-toxic, just place it where rats are observed frequently, such as indoors, kitchen, office, meeting room, restaurants, behind appliances, under sinks, garages, near rubbish areas, etc.

– Mouse glue has super hard importing paperboard, low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement, lies flat or can be folded to protect from falling objects and dust, is reusable, heightens knob, prevent glue from sticking to each other, increase long-term storage time.

High-quality glue
– Catch mice and rats more effectively with this stickiest, strongest mousetrap. Easier to catch the mice, unlike other mouse and rat glue traps that allow pests to escape. Catch it in one second!

1. Open.
2. Tear off the anti-stick buckle.
3. Press and then open to let the glue appear as shown in the filamentous.
4. Arrange the appropriate bait

Additional information

Weight0.2 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 cm