Neco Telescopic Window Washer Wiper | Cleans Dust, Dirt and Stains Easy!


  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Clean windows easy
  • Telescopic Handle (45-70 cm)
  • Dual sided – Absorbent sponge and rubber
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• 100% brand new
• Multi-purpose uses
• Double-edged cleaning tool with surprising cleaning abilities and functions
• Cleans dust, dirt and stains from glass windows, metal and wooden surfaces
• Clean windows easy and streak free
• Multifunctional Power Cleaning Tool for Scrubbing and Wiping Windows Clean.
• Rubber Blade with Good Flexibility Wipes Glass Windows. Wall Hanging Hole.
• High Absorbent Sponge Scrubber with Dirt Removal Power.
• Two-Section Telescopic Handle (45-70 cm). 90-Degree Adaptor Reaches Crevices.
• Dual sided – Absorbent sponge and rubber for removing dirt and excess water on surfaces
• Suitable for use on scratch resistant surfaces where liquid is to be removed
• Make cleaning easy
• Easy and convenient to use
• Good quality product
• Value for money