Osram 20w10° Decostar51 S Standard | 12V GU3.5


Osram 20w10° Decostar51 S

  • Diameter 51mm approximate
  • with Deco cover
  • WFL
  • 12v
  • GU5.3
  • Cool beam
  • Halogen
  • Beam Angle 36°
  • Dimmable
  • UV Filter
  • Average life 2000 hours
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Osram 20w10° Decostar51 S Standard | 12V GU3.5

Osram 20w10° DECOSTAR51 S Standard halogen lamp has a dichroic reflector.  This reduces the heat in the light beam by up to 66% because most of the heat is emitted through the rear of the reflector. Ideal applications in general illumination, entrance lighting, workplace lighting, kitchen lighting, mirror lighting and object lighting.

Approved for use in open luminaires to IEC 60598-1

The halogen light bulb or lamp is a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both light output and rated life. They are moderately high efficiency, have good quality of light, and high rated life compared to regular incandescent lamps.

Halogen bulb is small, lightweight, and easy to produce. A typical incandescent light may last up to 1000 hours, while a halogen light can last over 2500 hours. Halogen lights produce a color temperature closer to that of the Sun. Compared to the orange color given off by incandescents, the color of the halogen bulb is more white .

Applications :

Halogen bulbs can be used in many applications, commercial and residential are the most common. A wide range of applications from landscape lighting to security lighting, accent lighting and even medical equipment use many different types of halogen bulbs.
In commercial application they are well suited where space is limited.  Their low UV levels are great for retail lighting and is also ideal for museums. Halogen bulbs are commonly found in track lighting or small recessed cans. Larger bulbs are found in landscape lighting, security lights and high ceilings.
In residential application they are well suited for detailed work areas because of their high light output, they are ideal for kitchens and offices and can be found all throughout homes in track, recessed and outdoor lighting.
Halogen lamps are good for any applications in which standard incandescent are used.

Ideal for hospitality, restaurants, residential interiors, museums, art galleries etc…

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Weight50 g
Dimensions4.7 × 4.5 × 5.7 cm