Philips PL-S 7W/840 2 Pin Cool White


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Philips PL-S 7W/840 2 Pin Cool White

Philips PL-S 7W/840 2 Pin


Cool White

2 pin lamps are used with electromagnetic gear, while 4 pin lamps are normally used with electronic gear.


PL-S is an efficient low-wattage compact fluorescent lamp, typically used for decorative and orientation purposes.
The original Philips-invented bridge technology guarantees optimum performance in the application, enabling more light and higher efficacy than the bended technology.
The 2-pin version is designed for operation on electromagnetic gear and is provided with a plug-in/pull-out lamp base.

Benefits :

  • Optimal light performance for short or long operation per switch on.
  • Long life and sustainable light output.

Features :

  • 2-pin base with a housing incorporating the special instant starter and capacitor
  • For use on conventional copper iron ballasts and the radio interference suppression capacitor is installed
  • Dimming is not possible
  • Lamp characteristics are influenced by operating conditions and control gear used

Applications :

  • Designed for use in hotels, restaurants, theatres and homes
  • Suitable for use in signs, corridors, security and orientation lighting

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