Pocket Magnifier 3.5x | Eschenbash Gemany



Pocket Magnifier 3.5x Foldable Eschenbash Germany

Pocket Magnifier are ideal for everyday purposes such as reading mail, menu fine print or wherever you are.

Excellent for use as to inspecting jewelry ,stamps and coins etc..

Eschenbach Magnifying are great for gift. It is classic, compact and lightweight.

Easily fit into pocket purse or hangbag. 

 Pocket Magnifier 3.5x  Features:

  • Magnification         :3.5x
  • Diopter                      :10D
  • Lens Size                   :2.5inches
  • Lens Type                  :Biconvex
  • Working Distance  :3.9 inches
  • Case Built-In
  • Case Material          :Soft Leather
  • Lens Material          :PXM Plastic with Duplex Coating
  • Color                          :Burgundy Red
  • Shape                        :Teardrop
  • Weight                      :1.5 oz  Est: 42.5 grams 
  • Origin                       :Germany

   Binoculars & Magnifying   


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