RONSEAL Anti Mould Paint White Matt 750ml


RONSEAL Anti Mould Paint White Matt 750ml

  • Tough and scrubbable finish
  • Resists steam
  • Easy wipe-clean emulsion
  • Lasts for six years


RONSEAL Anti Mould Paint White Matt 750ml

Resists moisture and steam and stops common mould growing on your walls or ceilings for up to six years.

It’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, cellars and anywhere else that attracts mould.


-Tough and scrubbable finish

-Resists steam

-Easy wipe-clean emulsion

-Lasts for six years

-Stops mould from growing


How to use Anti Mould Paint


*Before you start Make sure the room is above 10 °c and open doors and windows for extra ventilation. Put down dust sheets to protect anything you don’t want to get paint on.

*How to prepare newly plastered walls If you’ve recently plastered your walls or ceilings, they need to be left to dry for seven days.

You will then need to seal the plaster before using the Anti Mould Paint.


*How to prepare previously painted walls

If you already have mould, use mould killer to get rid of it. Don’t try and sand the mould off the wall otherwise you risk spreading the spores.

Sand off any flaking paint so you have a smooth surface ready for painting.


*Application Thoroughly stir the paint so the consistency is smooth.

Pour the contents of the tin into a tray and coat your brush or roller. Wipe off any excess on the rim of the tray.

Apply the first coat. Wait four hours for it to dry.

Apply the second coat.

Wait four hours for it to dry. If you can still see colour through the paint, apply more coats until the colour is no longer visible.

Once you have applied the last coat, wait 24 hours before letting condensation build up in the room again.


*Aftercare Do not paint over your Anti Mould Paint, this will stop it from working.


*Cleaning Anti Mould Paint is extra tough and scrubbable so you can clean your wall without worrying about wearing away the paint.

Brushes and rollers can be easily cleaned in warm soapy water.