Self Adhesive Hooks 1.5kg


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Self Adhesive Hooks

Self Adhesive Hooks

  • Can be pasted on smooth surface, wall or pillar, made of wooden, plastic, painted, glass, stainless steel, metal and/or porcelain
  • Maximum bearing weight : 1.5 kg


  • 2 big hooks per pack
  • include 2 adhesive tapes and 2 extra adhesive tapes as backup

Ease of use

  • Do not need to drill any hole
  • No damage on wall
  • Removable – will not leave any stain or markings

Application tips for office and home to save space, well organize storage and place

  • hang kitchen utensils on wall (including pots, pans, ladle, apron, dish pad, cleaning rags, cutting board holder)
  • allow better bathroom items storage – soap dispenser holder,  towels, bathroom storage rack
  • room – hang hairdryer, mobile phone or other frequently used items for easy storage and retrieval
  • hang decorations or pictures on walls

Note :

  • Ensure surface is clean and smooth
  • Not suitable for application on surface that is moist, oily or temperature above 40ºC
  • For best results wait 12 hours before using
  • If less than 10ºC , warm surface with the fan heater
  • Not recommended for friable and valuable items, such as the clock, camera, glasses, jewel etc



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