Spin Mop | Multi-purpose Wringing bucket | Microfiber


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Spin Mop

Spin Mop comes with a wring basket that can be fixed or removable, buckets can be used with or without.  The wringing mechanism allows rapid dewatering while dirty water will not spill out.

Microfiber mop clean and protect floor very well. High quality microfiber flat mop are easy and good for fast cleaning especially for big space.  The swivel connector of the mob can rotate 360 degrees and thus allow the mop to reach almost any place.
Microfiber are ultra fine fibers that trap and hold dirt particles between the fibers giving a clean and sparking finish without the use of  cleaning chemical. Cleans dirt & dust, scuff marks, grease, pet hair, spills etc.  Microfiber has the function of static and antivirus. Works on hardwood, tile, vinyl, marble and much more.


  • Environmental material
  • Strong absorbency
  • Dry and wet cleaning 
  • Multi-purpose wring bucket, auto-wring without electric device
  • Designed and engineered to function well with the human body
  • Can be operated without getting wet
  • Wide scope of operation : Glass, Marble, Car, Wax wooden floor

Household Product    

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