Spiral Hose Set 10m


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Spiral Hose Set 10m

Spiral Hose Set 10m include one watering sprayer, one water stop, one hose connector, one tap connector and one adapter.


  • The hose automatically coils back up after use to its original shape so that no manual rolling is required.  Hence no more troublesome rolling and unrolling. The hose is 10m long with 9mm diameter.
  • The hose system is ideal for watering plants on the patio and balconies.  This is because precise and water-saving irrigation is possible in the range of 10m from connecting point.  In addition, it is  ideal for small-area front yards. Therefore, there is no need to carry watering cans again.
  • This is a complete solution with Hose Connector and Water Stop, Sprayer and Threaded Tap Connector.  The hose practically tidies itself and hence is always read-to-use and accessible.
  • Top product quality
    • Made in Germany
    • Therefore has trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation
  • Tips to watering
    • maintain good soil moisture levels
    • water less often but thoroughly
    • water late in the evening or early in the morning
    • keep leaves dry to avoid diseases
    • ensure the water reaches the roots
    • apply gradually to allow water to fully penetrate the soil without run-off
      • Water needs a moment to seep into the soil. Before precious water in the bed flows away unused, it’s better to water repeatedly in parts.
    • water evenly around the plant for a balanced well-developed root system
      • Always watering at only one root point leads to one-sided root growth and thereby to poorer nutrient absorption in the soil. Therefore, always water around the plant and distribute in the entire irrigation area.
    • avoid waterlogging
      • Waterlogging suppresses the breathing air of the roots out of the soil. In other words, the root cells will be drown without oxygen
    • use quality, clay-rich soil for better water retention


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