Spray Mist Bottle | Hozelock 1 Litre

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Spray Mist Bottle | Hozelock 1 Litre

Spray Mist Bottle  Hozelock 1 Litre Spraymist Trigger Sprayer  is a very robust and handy sprayer, ideally suited for small to medium sized spraying jobs. It is intended for use as an indoor sprayer but can also be used for some smaller tasks out of doors.

Spray Mist Bottle  1 Litre Spraymist Trigger Sprayer comprises of a very strong translucent, granulated body and easy to operate trigger action. The Sprayer’s translucent body allows the user to see the level of the bottle’s contents, ensuring that you can keep an eye on application rates and useage.

The bottle is graduated in steps of 100ml, from 100ml all the way up to 1000ml, or 1 Litre. Furthermore, rather usefully, turning the nozzle changes the spray from fine jet to mist.

Spray Mist Bottle Hozelock 1 Litre Spraymist Trigger Sprayer is useful for indoor plant spraying, garden spraying and non gardening applications such as dampening clothes during ironing and misting pets.

Also available in  1.25L   1L   0.5L

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