Thread Locking Anaerobic Adhesive


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Thread Locking Anaerobic Adhesive

Thread Locking Anaerobic Adhesive keeps nuts and bolts tightly fastened.Keeps nuts and bolts from getting lose, yet easily removable with ordinary tools.Holds things in place that can loosen from vibrations.Suitable for threads up to M36 size. Locks,set and cure in 15 -30 minutes. Full strength achieved in 3 hours, Ensures temperature from -55°C to150 °C. Resistant to water,oil, fuel and most chemicals.


  • Shake well before use
  • Remove cap.Snip nozzle to desired size.
  • Clean and dry parts for best results
  • Apply product directly to nuts and bolts, screws or other assembled parts and allow strength to develop.

Net weight: 10 ml


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