Tough Sour Slim Low Pile Entrance Mat | Available in 3 Colours | 40 x 60cm | Anti-slip Backing


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Tough Sour Slim Low Pile Entrance Mat | Available in 3 Colors | 40 x 60cm | Anti-slip Backing

✔️ COME IN 1 size: 40x60cm

✔️ Green/ Red/ Black Color

✔️ Approx. 0.01 thickness

✔️ LOW PILE – The shorter fibers of low pile carpets are flat and dense and give the carpet a smoother surface. You should use low-pile carpets in areas of the home with heavy traffic.

✔️ TRAP DIRT – This door mat with a premium loop has a strong function to trap dirt. The tight weave eliminates entrapment or stones. Just put it on your entrance to collect dirt and mud from your shoe.

✔️ USAGE – Car floor mats, Administration, Commercial use, Entertainment, Household, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen Doorway Indoor Outdoor Entrance

✔️ FEATURES – Waterproof, Anti-Tear, Anti-Moisture, Anti-Mould, Anti-static Anti-Smoke, Anti-Fire, Heat Insulation, Anti-Slip, Wrinkle-Resistant, Dust Trapper

✔️ EASY CARE – Simply turn the mat over, shake it, vacuum, or rinse with water, dirt, and grime will be flushed out, leaving the mat fresh and new again. *There might be slight color differences due to monitor settings

Household Product

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