Water Hose Reel | Gardena Hose Reel Cart


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 Water Hose Reel | Gardena Hose Reel Cart – 20m hose

Water Hose Reel | Gardena Hose Reel Cart – 20m hose

Water Hose Reel supports you wherever you need it. It is for protective storage of the hose on the wall, but can also be removed for mobile use in the garden. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, it can be comfortably carried.

Water Hose Reel –  GARDENA Classic Wall-Fixed Hose Reel Set is completely equipped with a 20-meter-long 13 mm (1/2″) hose,a GARDENA Classic Nozzle and all required Original GARDENA System Fittings: two Tap Connectors, a Standard Hose Connector and an Adapter.

It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. With the freewheeling crank handle, the Hose Reel can be easily operated. It can also be folded for space-saving storage.

The wall holder and screws, dowels and instructions for mounting are included. Mounting is totally easy.

The hose connection is angled and the hose does not kink, thereby always allowing full water flow.

A swivel axle prevents the hose from turning when winding or unwinding.

The integrated anti-drip devices ensure that nothing spills during transport and after use. No puddles can form from spilling water and no water is wasted.

The side-parts of the Hose Reel have a triangular structure and a low centre of gravity. This renders the Hose Reel highly stable; it is not easy to tip over.


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