Water Pressure Sprayer | Hozelock 1.25L

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 Water Pressure Sprayer | Hozelock 1.25L

Water Pressure Sprayer  Hozelock 1.25 Litre Spraymist Pressure Sprayer, 4122, is a very robust, versatile and useful small pressure sprayer.

This water pressure sprayer can be used for a range of spraying tasks and can even be used for indoor applications, including dampening ironing!

The 1.25 Litre Spraymist Pressure Sprayer has a translucent, graduated robust plastic body, with a maximum liquid capacity of 1.25 Litres.

The Sprayer benefits from a wide neck, making refilling clean and easy. The Sprayer is quickly and easily pressurised by pumping the top handle several times.

The contents of the sprayer are disbursed by depressing the control on the top of the handle. This sprayer also has a locking catch, for comfort, allowing the contents of the bottle to be sprayed without constant depression of the mechanism.

The Hozelock 1.25 Litre Spraymist Pressure Sprayer is suitable for the application of water, insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and water soluble fertilisers.

Also available in  1.25L  1L  0.5L