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Wepos Linoleum Cleaner | Concentrate

Wepos Linoleum Cleaner refreshes the coating and maintains the natural appearance of linoleum and linoleum parquet. Linoleum Cleaner is suitable for wiping and initial care of newly laid or stripped floors. Dirt adhesion is reduced and the everyday cleaning made easier. Linoleum Cleaner protects the floor with a resilient anti-slip shiny protective film.

Effect of Linoleum Cleaner:

Linoleum Cleaner easily removes dirt, run marks, heel marks and rubber abrasion, as well as greasy and oily soiling. Linoleum Cleaner also refreshes the coating and maintains the natural appearance of linoleum. Linoleum Cleaner is suitable for wiping and for care of all newly installed and basically cleaned flooring. In addition, Linoleum Cleaner reduces dirt adhesion and facilitates general maintenance. Linoleum Cleaner is elastic, slip resistant, shiny polish protects the flooring

Application of use Linoleum Cleaner:

Linoleum Cleaner may be used for Linoleum flooring and linoleum parquet flooring

Direction of use for Linoleum Cleaner:

With initial care or after general cleaning:

  1.  Apply even, thin film undiluted Linoleum Cleaner in the longitudinal direction, using floor wiper or slightly moist cloth.
  2. When the protective layer is tradable – after about 30 minutes – repeat process in the cross direction and let protective layer dry properly.
  3. Do not walk on flooring, while the protective layer dries.

General maintenance:

  1. Add 50 ml of Linoleum Cleaner to a bucket (5 L) of warm water. Mix well.
  2. Clean floor with well wrung-out cleaning cloth and let dry.
  3. Rinsing off unnecessary.

Made in Germany


 Cleaning / Polishing


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