Window Mosquito Netting 1.5m square


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Window Mosquito Netting 1.5m square

Window Mosquito Netting provides a layer of protection to your curtains and blinds keeping mosquitoes, bugs, flies, and other insects out and your loved ones safe. This high quality netting is washable and easy to care due to being lightweight and easy to hang and position with self adhesive tape or Velcro tape.Suitable to use indoor and outdoor usage.

Mosquito Netting specifications

  • Length :  1.5 meter x 1.5 meter
  • White -100% polyester
  • Comes with self adhesive velcro
  • Warm gentle machine wash or hand wash.
  • Please do not iron or steam the mosquito netting

Tips to install mosquito netting

  • Louvre window -best to place the net outside, cut slit for handle of placed inside
  • Casement window-place inside an cut a “U” shape opening in front of the handle
  • Net to be placed outside if it is a sliding window

How to install

  • Clean the frame
  • Stick self adhesive Velcro tape around the frame.
  • Press the net onto the Velcro hooks
  • Cut off excess netting


 Pest Control


Additional information

Weight 96 g

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